Systems Engineering Services

We are highly skilled professionals that work directly with our clients to reduce costs through economies of scale and cycles of learning. We are a stakeholder in the success of a product or system.

SEPCON supplies systems engineering consulting for design, creation, and operation of systems. In simple terms, the approach consists of identification and quantification of system goals, creation of alternative system design concepts, performance of design trades, selection and implementation of the best design, verification that the design is properly built and integrated, and post-implementation assessment of how well the system meets (or met) the goals.

transforming concepts into reality
Transforming Concepts into Reality

SEPCON provides clients with the knowledge and advice they need to succeed in a rapid changing environments. The following are some but not all engineering tasks SEPCON supplies:

  • Controlling the total system development including software/hardware
  • Plays as an integral component of program management
  • Research and analyze customer design proposals, specifications, manuals, and other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and maintenance requirements of designs or applications.
  • Requirements development, allocation and create design specifications
  • Specify system components or direct modification of products to ensure conformance with engineering design and performance specifications
  • Provide feedback on customer problems and needs
  • Supply specialty engineering (safety, reliability)
  • Conduct research that tests and analyzes the feasibility, design, operation and performance of equipment, components and systems
  • Perform integration, verification & validation tests
  • Define technical, quality and security requirements to be submitted to sub-systems suppliers
  • Manage suppliers’ follow-up during detailed design and production phases
  • Provide simulation of a proposed operational concept for a new product
  • Provide risk management
  • Incorporate biometrics into designs
  • Prepare Technical Data Package including all Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL)
  • Prepare and conduct all engineering milestones (SRR, SFR, PDR, CDR, TRR and PRR)
  • Define command and control architectures
  • Evaluate and update existing computer network systems